In January of 1999, after the death of our son Myles from a sudden heart arrhythmia, our family established The Myles M. Beringer Foundation which directly funds local non profits to improve the lives of children,senior high school scholarships and provides funding for pediatric cardiac research at Yale New Haven Hospital. To date, the Foundation has raised over $396,000.00

Your financial support allows the Foundation to continue to meet these goals each year.
Annual Gifts as of 2017
  • $5,000: Pediatric Cardiology Research Fund at the Yale School of Medicine. 
  • $15,000: Brien McMahon High School and Darien High School scholarships for remarkable seniors demonstrating outstanding character based upon honesty, integrity, sportsmanship and leadership.
  • $5,000: Myles Beringer Fund at UCR for Local families and children in need.
  • $1000 scholarship in memory of Annie Curtin to Pender Keady School of Irish Dance.
  • $1000 grant in memory of Isabella Kurek to the SMA Foundation.
  • $2000 grant Rowayton Elementary School Health walkathon for kids.
Individual Gifts
  • 2004: $10,000 for improved science curriculum implementation at the Rowayton public elementary school.
  • 2005: $10,000 for addition of a children’s computer kiosk center of Rowayton Public Library.
  • 2006: $10,000 for Rowayton Fire Department.
  • 2007: $10,000 for Devon’s Place for children with special needs (Norwalk CT).
  • 2008: $10,000 to matching gift program for the preservation of Farm Creek, a nature and learning center for naturalists and school children.
  • 2009: $10,000 for research and development of a cure for Spinal Muscular Atrophy. SMA is a horrific disease which causes increasing muscle weakness and the destruction of nerve cells leading to paralysis and death. Norwalk resident Isabella Kurek was our inspiration. You can read more about Isabella, and others with SMA, by visiting
  • 2010: additional $10,000 in scholarship awards to chosen seniors at Brien McMahon and Darien High Schools. Your involvement and financial support allows the Foundation to continue to meet these goals each year.
  • 2011: additional scholarship awards to seniors with outstanding character and tremendous perseverance. In rememberance of Annie Curtin of Rowayton a $2500 scholarship award made to Pender Keady School of Irish Dance.
  • 2012: $2000 grant to Rowayton Elementary Fitness Fundraiser Event. $2000 grant to JAM(JR Art and Music) giving financial assistance to South Norwalk residents to participate in program activites.
  • 2013:$10,000 grant to Norwalk Childrens Foundation.
  • 2014:$2000 BMHS Drama, $2500 BMHS Senators Fund and The Annie Curtin Memorial Award.
  • 2015-Brien McMahon High School Scholarships of $1000 each awarded to 13 students. DHS scholarships 3 awarded $1000 each. $1000 grant to Rowayton Community Association. 
  • 2016:additional $1500 grant to SMA. Additional student scholarship for excellence in leadership, honesty, integrity and sportsmanship. 
  • 2017: additional $5000 to STAR Inc. $10,000 to KEYS $1,000 Jr Art and Music (JAM). Your involvement and financial support allows the Foundation to continue to meet these goals each year.   THANK YOU.